PremierstoneThe Company


Is an Andorran Company specialising in consultancy and management of property assets.

We offer a global, multidisciplinary and high value-added service, aimed at protecting and increasing the value of our clients’ assets and property investments.

High level of specialisation

Offered by our professionals in various disciplines, working together to propose the most suitable and efficient solution for the specific interests of each client.

Solid knowledge of the Andorran market

Based on experience acquired in key sectors of the national economy.

Interaction with investor groups

Great capacity to interact with the main investor groups and property operators in a globalised, highly-competitive market, allowing for opportunities to be identified and decisions to be taken in both directions: from Andorra outwards and also from the outside in, towards the Andorran market.

Professional independence

Guaranteeing critical, reliable management for our clients, distanced from any economic interests beyond their objectives.